Packing Marrickville’s Factory Theatre with lovers of the strange, perplexing and endearingly gaudy, the first-ever Australian appearance of Found Footage Festival founders Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher kicked off the 11th annual Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Having made it their mission to seek out the most outrageous and least conceivable vignettes actually put to film, the pair premiered never before seen footage before the Sydney crowd in the lead-up to their Saturday ‘best of’ show, where they will return for live commentary on that which will make even the most ardent internet-literates blush.

An appropriate fixation and opener for the eclectic and fan-favourite festival which this year will feature murderous fetuses,  one-shot wonders and a flick aptly titled Assholes, the opening night showcased the most cringe-worthy foibles of a North Dakota news team, none too considered sex instructional videos, the best, and worst local commercials you may ever likely see, some less than comforting televangelists and the Festival’s own pranking of morning news shows with the pair masquerading as seasoned strong-man duo ‘Chop and Steele.’

A must for anyone who never believed that Alex Trebek could fire off a blue streak like the best of us, the show’s well worth taking the time to catch while the team are down under.

The Sydney Underground Film Festival is screening from September 14-17 at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre

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