“We distinctly set it in Perth, we set it in Australia, it is now an Australian story, we took the very broad concept that was the novel and did quite a lot of work to adapt it to something local.

The notion that attracted me to the idea in the first place was this one little sound bite that came from the source material that fantasy and reality are chemically identical as far as your brain is concerned, that the things we experience and our memories get filtered down into noughts and ones in the backs of our brains but so do our dreams and hopes and ambitions and the things that we imagine… the notion in this sci-fi is what if you could construct a drug that could rewrite, reprogram or edit all those noughts and ones and either create or change memories to suit whatever you want.

I’m a very visual filmmaker, I do try to push the limits of what tools we have, certainly this one was right up against the edge of the envelope in terms of what we could get away with.”

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