“I started because I wanted to take it to the extreme and see how far I could go.”

Competing in the Arnolds – an amateur bodybuilding competition recently held in Australia for the first time – is no easy feat. Two Indigenous women and Sydney locals set out to do just that, and the documentary on their efforts is premiering at this year’s Sydney Film Festival tonight. Kylene, one half of the Destination Arnold duo, sat down to talk about the new film.

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On premiering at the Sydney Film Festival

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting the word out there about Destination Arnold… It’s a big relief, what was supposed to be six months initially has been two years – it’s been a wonderful journey and you’ll see that throughout the film. I’m glad that everyone can get involved with the characters, embrace with the characters and see what actually really goes on behind competition.”


On Kylene’s most memorable moments from the film

“Getting on stage itself – you do all the hard work leading into it and there’s so many times throughout the journey that you doubt yourself and that’s the biggest thing, but once you have the right support networks around you, you can definitely make it but it definitely comes back to yourself and always remembering why you started.

I continue to compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting as well and I’m still on my health and fitness journey… it’s something that I want to continue.”


On Meeting Arnie

“It was just a dream come true, he’s always been someone I’ve looked up to and I think everyone is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but not only his films, he always brings it back to what got him there which was body-building and it was an absolute pleasure just to meet him for the few moments that we got to meet him. He’s a big part of bodybuilding and each competitor and film enthusiast loves to see him on camera and it’s been great to actually capture him on film.”


Destination Arnold is screening at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday 18 June – for tickets head to the Festival website