Greek comedy ‘Chevalier’ has its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival today. A story about a large and eclectic group of men who venture out into the Agean sea on a not so large yacht, star Vangelis Mourikis fresh off the plane from Europe sat down to chat about the new comedy.

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On the Film

“The film is the story of six men somewhere in the sea on a big yacht, something goes wrong with the ship and they have to stop mid-sea. Their personal problems come up in a very comedic way. The competition element is the one that brings out the comedy, a lot of surprising things come up – the whole story revolves around questions of how to compete, who’s doing this better, who’s doing that better – they do try to break up the loneliness of the sea and then it becomes really chaotic.”

“The good thing about it is that what is coming up, each moment, has to do with the proposition – everybody proposes a new kind of challenge, then the issues arise between the different characters.”


On the range of players

“It’s a mix-up – you have older people and then you have middle-aged people and then you have younger people that are involved in the excursion – all the characters are different – age-wise, their ways of thinking, acting, reacting.”

“It was shot for a couple of months while we were on the sea. Certain things come up when you’re in the same environment with the same people every day. It’s a yacht, it’s not a huge tanker, so everyone is next to each other and there are frustrations which sometimes came into the parts of the characters in the film.”


Chevalier is screening as part of the Sydney Film Festival on Sunday 12 June and Monday 13 June, for tickets head to the Festival website

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