Zombieland: Double Tap

It’s sequel time – your October surprise; Zombieland 2.

The original was a nice fresh dose of rotting carcases which for once didn’t hurl us or characters who could nay survive into an apocalypse. That time around, Tallahassee (Harrelson), Wichita (Stone), Columbus (Eisenberg) and Little Rock (Breslin) had all already figured out not only how to survive but ways to exact a little vengeance while doing it, and we were gladly along for the ride.

This time around, almost every new character we’re introduced to could not have survived ten years in the world we’ve been sold, least of all Madison (Zoey Deutch), whose naming is nonetheless a nice touch. While these additions are out of place the deliveries of some of Deutch’s one liners are far from the case. These newcomers make for some entertainment yet it’s utterly dissonant from the groundwork and appeal so well laid as the basis for that first most stand-out zom-com.

There are exceptions, most notable among them Rosario Dawson’s Nevada (even if she doesn’t near chew the scenery enough) and the appearance of two bizzaro-esque figures in a hilarious flash of self-parody; these add-ons coinciding with the second act and only stretch to rival the first film. This is save the action-packed conclusion to the final act which is a few steps more outlandishly fun than the original’s theme park.

Moreover, the sequel does that thing most sequels do in splitting up the team when all we were really here for was to see them back at it; having relished the dynamic so much in the first film. Finding hackneyed ways to drive the quartet apart then oh so quickly back together, Double Tap isn’t a patch on Zombieland but there’s a lot to look forward to for devoted fans; and make sure to stay past the credits.

Zombieland: Double Tap is in cinemas now