With documentaries proving ever a Festival favourite, the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival has released it’s annual program set to kick off in July. With features ranging from New Zealand to Japan, from George Michael to Australia’s own burgeoning music scene and from all that eerily prescient to our nation’s “love-hate relationship” with that sure-footed national emblem the Kangaroo, here are a few ones to look out for at this year’s run.

Narrated and co-directed by George Michael just before his death, the Director’s Cut of George Michael Freedom chronicles the production of ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ and the superstar’s struggles with fame.


Bring back the Biff! I Am Famous takes us to present day and the life of Back to the Future star Tom Wilson, outlining how playing Biff Tannen changed his life. The character’s depiction was reportedly based in part on then successful property developer Donald Trump.


While the title might pique the interest of many film fanatics, Rodents of Unusual Size details critters of a very different nature who are plaguing parts of rural Louisiana.


Covering the life and experiences of Stanley Kubrick’s personal assistant for over two decades, Filmworker’s never-before-seen footage chronicles Leon Vitali’s crucial contributions to cinema and many masterpieces


Something a lot of Sydneysiders would like to know – this new documentary outlines the changes past and present in Sydney’s music scene, the avenues available to emerging artists and where to find them.


The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival screens from July 6-14