• Irreverent opening extravaganza of little relevance to main story – check
  • A lauded indie/out of left field Director (Taika Waititi) to give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a much needed injection of new – check
  • Return of beloved character everyone thought was dead – check
  • CGI cityscapes, and lots of them – check
  • Cameos from famous actors so Marvel can have literally every A-lister in their show-reel – check
  • A baddie who really just wants to destroy, darkness etc – check
  • An Oscar-winning Hollywood juggernaut (Cate Blanchett) who can do this in her sleep – check
  • Surprise surprise – the villain isn’t who you thought she was – check
  • Those songs you loved from your childhood that didn’t already feature in Guardians of the Galaxy – check
  • Gratuitous shots of hero’s chiselled abs –  check, check and check
  • Appearances from Avengers who don’t merit their own stand-alone movie and have nothing to do until 2018 – check
  • Appearances from other Avengers who did get their own stand-alone movie and can bag a truckload of money for a day’s work – check
  • Hilarious repartee between our favourite superhuman friends – check
  • Avengers fighting each other, when they’re not fighting the actual baddies – check
  • Fight scenes where you’re never really sure how or under what circumstances the Marvel crew can ever actually injure each other – check
  • Stan Lee – check
  • Hark backs to the Marvel comics and earlier films, because the series is now old enough to be self-referential – check
  • A prodigal son (or daughter) on a revenge and/or returning to roots story – check
  • Other-worldly ghouls (Jeff Goldblum) who you really can’t hate because they’re just so charming – check
  • Bits and bobs for the internet-savvy (Jeff Goldblum) – check
  • An Einstein-Rosen Bridge just when you need it – check
  • Climactic end of movie battle with lots of punching and all the ex machina – check
  • The destruction of some place or other – check
  • Continuity with Infinity War to remind us that there are even more of these coming – check
  • Post-credits sequences, because without them, and everything else, it wouldn’t be a Marvel movie – check

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