In case you live under an Exogorth and haven’t heard, a series of Star Wars sequels and spin-offs, following the enormous success of Rogue One, will inevitably be coming to every cinema near you!

Disney have released the first shot of the man who shot first, crew in tow, as filming continues on the next chapter in the Star Wars anthology series, centred on the exploits of George Lucas’ favourite half-witted, scruffy looking Nerf Herder and his once partner-in-crime Lando Calrissian (the very welcome addition of Community veteran Donald Glover whose presence may just appease even the most hardened of sceptics).

Helmed by break-out talent Alden Ehrenreich, the Rules Don’t Apply and Blue Jasmine star, regardless of what happens with Star Wars, is going to be a very big deal. Fresh off a spectacular turn in Hail, Caesar! where he unexpectedly stole the show from a slew of A-listers as a singing, gun-slinging cowboy, fans can rest assured that Ehrenreich is as safe a bet as any to take the reins of Harrison Ford’s iconic role.

The spin-off also stars Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke in a yet unconfirmed role, Thandie Newton and Woody Harrelson whose character, whatever far-flung corner of the galaxy he comes from, will almost inevitably sport a very recognizable southern drawl. Following the strong fan reaction to Rogue One, the new spin-off, to be released next year, on the strength of its cast alone looks like it might be another hit in the making!