Twelve TV shows you probably missed this year

It’s not easy for Game of Thrones fans to wait a year to find out what happened after their favourite character was killed/abandoned/maimed/left for near-certain death.

In the meantime, here’s a whole pile of great content to fill in the hours until the next Better Call Saul or Sherlock instalments grace our screens. 


Kara Zor-El saves the day in the semi-absence of her significantly more famous cousin in this adaptation of the DC comic, surviving on the more-than-affable charm of its 27-year-old star Michelle Benoist.

Available on Foxtel’s Fox8 channel from December 6

Wolf Hall

Premiering to near-unanimous critical acclaim, this BBC adaptation of the historical novel of the same name stars Homeland’s Damian Lewis as Henry VIII. Despite strong reviews, the show did not rate as well as expected.

Available on BBC First


Starring Terrence Howard and now into its second season, this Fox drama delves into the world of entertainment and hip hop culture. Check out this one before HBO’s Vinyl premieres in February with a Martin Scorsese-directed pilot.

Available on Tenplay


A treat for those who can only enjoy reality television ironically, or revel in mocking shows like The Bachelor, this dark dramedy about the format’s machinations was renewed for a second season only a month after its release.

Available on Stan


Appearing in Times Square covered in tattoos and with no memory, a mysterious woman with special abilities (Jaimie Alexander) teams up with an FBI agent (Australia’s Sullivan Stapleton) to divert disaster through deciphering clues found in the ink.

Available on Yahoo


An Australian six-part series from the creators of The Slap, set in a small country town where six people rise from the dead in the middle of the night, devoid of memory. Patrick Brammall (Offspring) leads a local cast in this unusual drama.

Available on iTunes

Wet Hot American Summer

Made 14 years after the original cult hit with the same slew of now high-profile actors, already then visibly too old to play teenagers, this satire of classic camp comedies is well worth the time.

Available on Netflix


In the vein of comedy hit Warm Bodies, appropriately-named medical resident Liv Moore turns into a zombie, secures a job at the local morgue to get her brains-fix and uses her newfound abilities to solve crimes.

Available on Stan


The Wachowski siblings’ latest sci-fi/action epic about eight very different individuals around the world known as the Sensates who are linked mentally. Already confirmed for a second season following positive viewer reviews, the show’s creators have envisioned a five-season run.

Available on Netflix


Phenomenal television that will make you forget the movie ever happened, the show that helped launch Netflix in Australia will soon release a second series featuring the iconic Marvel character ‘The Punisher’.

Available on Netflix

The Last Man on Earth

A virus has apparently wiped out the earth’s population, leaving Phil Miller alive (Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte, who is also the series’ creator). At once a depressing and hilarious thought, the show is well into its second season.

Available on Ten Play


Cancelled in 2015 after three gruesome, torture-filled seasons to the great sadness of its dedicated fan base, this show achieved what was thought impossible, reinventing epochal sociopath Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) to deliver a chilling, engrossing cult favourite.

Available on iTunes

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