Physical comedy at its finest – a glare, a contortion or sideways glance from this one-man show was enough to have the audience rolling around in laughter.

The star barely spoke – instead getting the audience to perform a lot of the actions and be the soundtrack to his various sketches and gimmicks.

Some of it set, much of the show was stream-of-consciousness and these parts were easily the most fun, with random audience members becoming the centre of attention and key parts of the act.

I went on the recommendation of a friend who had seen the show earlier that week – she came with me, confident she’d get something completely different the second time around, and she did.

It says a lot for a performer that they ask everyone to filter out while they perform an interpretive dance, and instead everyone stays put until the very end.

Something I enjoyed, and wouldn’t be against seeing again

For more information about the show visit Adelaide Fringe