Bodypainting, acrobatics, circus tricks, contortion and a little humour made for a very fun night.

‘Luminous’ relies on blacklight and takes place in total darkness. The characters develop as UV body paint is quickly applied to the four performers in turn as they literally jump through hoops, one-upping each stunt with juggling, trapeze art and balancing acts.

There are two invisible stage-hands running around the whole time assisting the performers, though with the amount of floating objects and action that goes on it seems like a lot more.

As good as the acrobatics are, the real draw is the UV art and visual impact of the show, which along with the music is really effective in immersing the audience. There were a few comical moments, which when they did occur broke the show up nicely, allowing everyone to catch their breath before the trapeze went back into action.

One of the more technically proficient shows on offer and the most visually arresting I’ve managed to see so far. You’re stuck in a room for an hour, you can’t leave and you can’t use your phone – but you wouldn’t want to because it would ruin a top show.

For more information about the show visit Adelaide Fringe