It’s exactly what it sounds like.

A comedy production of Romeo and Juliet, 5 actors, one random audience member adopted by the cast and a lot of alcohol.

The play is condensed so the actors can stop what they’re doing every few minutes to down shots, play random drinking games, spin a wheel of fortune and draw audience members into the act.

A few of the most famous scenes are told through 80’s power ballads, while one cast member is tasked with refilling shot glasses whilst the action goes on.

This is a less traditional but by no means less fun take on Shakespeare. A drama we are used to watching passively was made engaging and interactive through audience members throwing socks at actors performing long soliloquies, or deciding when and where they would stop the action, even in the most intense moments, to all share a drink.

Most enjoyable was the randomness and it could even have used a little more audience input. Interactive Shakespeare isn’t too common and this is just the thing for fans of the classics who aren’t looking to take it too seriously.

For more information about the show visit Adelaide Fringe